Semester: 2019 Spring

Students: Betsy Silverstein & Franklin Tennyson

Pathways Institute for Negotiation Education is an independent non-profit organization that works with students, educators, schools and other social impact and educational organizations in Israel to develop principled negotiation skills and establish a shared framework for creative problem solving. Pathways has engaged HNMCP to review its Game Changers negotiation skills & exchange program, a two-day experiential negotiation skills workshop conducted in paired Hebrew and Arabic-speaking high schools across Israel.  

Activities & Deliverables

  • Review current Game Changers curriculum and program materials;
  • Conduct a stakeholder assessment with Pathways team, school teachers, current student participants and alumni, and relevant experts;
  • Research the international field of youth negotiation skill-building and assess Pathways’ relative strengths and weaknesses;
  • Identify relevant best practices and models from other organizations;
  • Develop recommendations for enhancement and extension of Pathways’ Game Changers curriculum and program model;
  • Produce a research report on other organizations around the world working on negotiation skill-building and related competencies with high school age students, including summary of activities, best practices and key lessons;
  • SWOT analysis of Pathways’ offering for high school students;
  • Recommendations for opportunities to enhance the Game Changers program, including but not limited to, suggestions for new role plays, interactive activities, handouts/takeaways, teacher guides, follow up activities, vocabulary lists, peer-training guide, advanced workshops, etc.
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