OraSure Technologies

Semester: 2022 Spring

Students: Mussab Ali and Juan Felipe Wills Romero

OraSure Technologies Inc. develops and distributes medical technologies that are often used by communities that are marginalized, underserved, and stigmatized. Such technologies include innovative HIV self-testing, Hepatitis C testing, adherence testing for HIV regimens. OraSure’s technologies by their nature facilitate difficult conversations both between patients and other individuals in their lives. OraSure works with health clinics to facilitate the sharing of best practices to ensure that these conversations are had in thoughtful and empowering ways that enhance patient care instead of detract from it. OraSure has engaged the DSD Clinic to develop materials that will help improve the support they can provide in framing difficult conversations on topics related to the transmittable diseases OraSure’s medical technologies address.  

Students will: 

  • Interview stakeholders (doctors, patients, clinical staff, OraSure team members, etc.) to assess current conversations and perspectives;   
  • Research best practices in having difficult medical conversations, particularly when the medical issues at hand involve stigmatization, impact third-parties, and may have long-term effects; and   
  •  Create accessible resources that could accompany OraSure’s medical technologies.  
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