OneVoice Movement

Semester: 2013 Fall

Students: Sarah Kalin, Frédérique Couture-Carrier, and Jennifer Garnett

The OneVoice Movement is an Israeli-Palestinian parallel initiative that educates, empowers, and mobilizes grassroots organizations in each society to pressure their leaders to achieve a two-state solution. OneVoice is working to launch a new initiative, the Peoples’ Blueprint, which seeks to build a two-state solution rather than simply advocate for it, with the hope of ending the occupation and achieving a lasting peace for both peoples.

OneVoice has mapped the project and discovered that businesses, think tanks and NGO’s that promote conflict resolution in the region currently work within their own silos rather than partnering with groups in other sectors of society to further their goals. They have contracted Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program, as an independent body without political agenda, to conduct a stakeholder assessment to help OneVoice understand: 1) if there is a truly shared mission amongst them; and 2) how the different organizations can best work together to overcome the obstacles each faces.


  • Conduct stakeholder assessment of organizations from key sectors of society (including business, civic, religious, political, and economic)
  • Provide a report and recommendations for how OneVoice can strategically foster collaboration between sectors
  • Present findings in Washington, DC to a round table of peace-building and policy experts

Field Visit


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