Office of New York City Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick

Semester: 2007 Spring

Students: Michael Blank and Jane Morrill

Daniel R. Garodnick is a member of the New York City Council, representing a large portion of the East Side of Manhattan.

A large lot in the Council Member’s district, comprising nearly nine acres of land on the East River, is the subject of a dispute as to how it is best developed. The lot was formerly the site of a power plant owned by the local electric company, Con Edison. The power plant and associated buildings are being demolished to make way for new construction. The new owner of the land proposes to build several skyscrapers of luxury housing and office space, as well as a privately owned but publicly accessible park. To accomplish those goals, the developer seeks to have the City rezone the property. As a result, the City has the opportunity to weigh in on the form of the eventual development. A coalition of elected officials (including the Council Member) and community groups has been pressuring the developer to reduce the scale of the buildings and to provide certain public benefits as part of the project, such as affordable housing, a school, public access to the waterfront, and infrastructure improvements

HNMCP was asked to generate ideas on how to work with the developer to maximize the public benefit that can result from this venture.

Our work

Step 1: Research and review literature on real estate negotiations between developers and local government.

Step 2: Conduct interviews with various stakeholders to understand their concerns and interests, both over the phone and in New York.

Final Product: A report outlining the concerns and interests of the various stakeholders, identifying points of commonality, and presenting proposals to maximize the public benefit that could result from the project.

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