Leila Perkins, Eugene Karlik, and Daniel Doktori

Semester: 2012 Spring

Students: Leila Perkins, Eugene Karlik, and Daniel Doktori

Modria is an online dispute resolution (ODR) services and technology company that has led in the ODR field since its inception. This project focuses on Modria’s effort to help design an online dispute resolution system to meet the European Union’s mandate for an EU-wide single online platform for contractual dispute resolution.  This online platform will provide consumers and businesses with a single point of entry for resolving online any disputes concerning purchases made online in another EU country.  A single point of entry will rely on country-specific ADR entities, but significant work is needed to create the interface and ADR readiness across the EU.  HNMCP students will provide a summary report of recommendations for the ODR system design.

Our Work

  • Conduct interviews with and possibly an online survey of various stakeholders across multiple countries, including, Consumer Protection Authorities, ODR providers, consumers, and eCommerce merchants.
  • Synthesize findings into a set of recommendations for Modria and its EU partners.  A subset of 2 to 3 countries will likely be identified to focus HNMCP’s work.

Final Product

  • A final needs-assessment report will be generated summarizing the takeaways from the interviews and identifying priority design features and potential next steps.
  • The report will include high-level recommendations for the overall ODR system design, focusing on a minimum acceptable set of features needed to get the system up and running, with explanations as to how this design addresses the needs and objectives identified in the interviews.
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