Mediation Works Incorporated

Semester: 2009 Spring

Students: Steven Segal

Mediation Works Incorporated (MWI) is a reputable Boston area consulting firm, specializing in customized dispute resolution services.

In 2008, MWI launched an innovative eviction mediation program, with the hope that mediated resolutions to tenancy disputes might prove more durable than court-imposed resolutions. MWI wants meaningful feedback about the success and challenges facing this ambitious new program, and has asked HNMCP to design a comprehensive assessment methodology that will run for the duration of the program.

Our work

Step 1: Work with MWI to identify indicators of success, and how best to measure progress.

Step 2: Track the impact of MWI’s program by identifying and interviewing an initial sample of 10-15 past participants in an MWI eviction mediation.

Step 3: Identify possibilities for synergy and possible referral pathways to other homeless prevention resources in the Boston area.

Final Product

A program assessment protocol, complete with user-friendly “how-to” guide on how to manage the assessment and process the data.

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