Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate

Semester: 2016 Fall

Students: Madeleine Williams and Abhinaya Swaminathan

The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is dedicated to educating the public about the important role of the Senate in our government, encouraging participatory democracy, invigorating civil discourse, and inspiring the next generation of citizens and leaders to engage in the civic life of their communities.

The centerpiece education program at the Institute is the Senate Immersion Module, during which participants take on the role of Senators engaged in the legislative process. HNMCP will conduct research and develop the materials and curriculum for a new program called “The Conference Committee” focusing on negotiation in the legislative context.  In this new program, participants will take on the roles of Senators and Representatives as members of a legislative conference committee charged with resolving the differences between two competing versions of the 2014 Farm Bill.

Activities & Deliverables

  • Legislative research, including interviews with Congressional staff offices;
  • Research and development of the negotiation theory underlying the program;
  • Testing of the program.
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