Everett Police Department

Semester: 2015 Fall

Students: Jenae Moxie, Sara Bellin, Carson Wheet

The Everett Police Department (EPD) is a full-service, professional law enforcement agency whose mission is to provide community oriented law enforcement designed to protect life and property, maintain order, and assure fair and equal treatment for all.

While the Department has worked hard to develop a strong relationship with the youth of Everett, there are natural challenges and conflicts that arise in the course of policing. At a time when the nation is examining how well law enforcement relates to the communities they serve, the EPD has enlisted the support of HNMCP in conducting a stakeholder assessment in order to focus on and strengthen its relationship with the youth of the community.

Activities & Deliverables

  • Conduct focus groups and interviews with youth and community members to understand current perceptions of the Department’s practices and the relationship between youth and officers;
  • Assess any sources of conflict or tension in the relationship between Everett’s Police and youth;
  • Offer a set of recommendations for how the EPD might enhance its relationship with Everett’s youth;
  • Submit a report and present to the community on key findings, themes, and recommendations.
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