Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Semester: 2009 Spring

Students: Jordan Goddard, Will Boothby, & Mayssam Ali

The Good Shepherd Church is currently entering its 50th year, and yet the parish is caught in the middle of a crisis of leadership. Various constituencies in the parish are openly hostile towards the parish rector who, in turn, has become mistrustful of her own parish. Sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, HNMCP will conduct a conflict assessment and recommend to the Diocese measures that it might take to end the cycle of mistrust, so that the Parish might begin its next half-century with a more constructive relationship between the Rector and her membership.

Our work

Step 1: Work with the Episcopal Diocese and parish leaders to identify stakeholder groups to interview about the conflict.

Step 2: Develop a conflict assessment, complete with process recommendations for moving forward.

Step 3: Submit the draft report to all contribution stakeholders for feedback and endorsement.

Final Product

A step-by-step process description, built around an understanding of the conflict dynamics at play, designed to generate consensus about ending the cycle of mistrust.

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