Consensus Building Institute

Semester: 2009 Spring

Students: Stephanie Early & Mohamed Faizal

Since 2008, the Consensus Building Institute (CBI) has worked with Chevron to implement a Corporate Community Engagement model, where Chevron funds regional development initiatives in the areas surrounding its operations in the Niger Delta.

Under the model, local community leaders assume responsibility for negotiating with Chevron how best to satisfy regional development priorities. HNMCP is teaming up with CBI and the New Nigeria Foundation (NNF – based in Lagos, Nigeria), to develop a custom-tailored negotiation training, for use by NNF, as it trains community elders on the use of interest-based negotiation strategies.

Our work

Step 1:  Work with CBI and NNF to define the learning objectives for the negotiation training.

Step 2:  Generate a series of potential scenarios, in close consultation with CBI and NNF, which will resonate with typical audiences in the Niger Delta.

Step 3:  Develop and test role-plays and simulations, drawing upon new trends in cross-cultural negotiation pedagogy .

Final Product

A comprehensive 2-3 day training curriculum, complete with materials and accompanying teaching notes, to be presented during a train-the-trainer workshop in Lagos, Nigeria.

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