Consensus Building Institute

Semester: 2007 Spring


CBI improves the way leaders, advocates, experts and communities make public and organizational decisions.

Numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the country are engaged in coalition building and collaboration. Whether it is sustainable agricultural organizations seeking to partner with environmental groups on national farm policy, or violence prevention groups and community development corporations partnering to reduce gang violence, diverse organizations are having to find innovative ways to align their strategies and work together. Foundations are increasingly requiring their grantees to work within alliances and coalitions. NGOs are discovering that they cannot have meaningful, real change collaboration across traditional disciplinary lines. One of the key skills numerous NGOs are calling out for are superior facilitation skills to help these diverse groups work more efficiently and effectively together.  CBI hoped to create a training for NGOs on how to facilitating collaboration.

HNMCP assisted CBI in develop, market, and deliver this training.

Our work

Step 1: Interview NGOs to understand their particular training needs in this area.

Step 2: Review existing materials at CBI, PON, and CDR and use the materials to create a training manual.

Step 3: Develop and implement a marketing plan to NGOs and foundations across the U.S.

Final Product

A training manual for NGOs interested in working within alliances and coalitions, presentation of these materials, and evaluation of the training course with recommendations for further course refinement.

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