Community Conferencing Center

Semester: 2017 Spring

Students: Preston Hipps & Chu Chu

The Community Conferencing Center (CCC) is a conflict transformation and community justice organization that provides ways for people to safely, collectively and effectively prevent and resolve conflicts and crime.

The CCC provides a space for dialogue and healing by bringing together individuals involved in serious crime with those harmed by their actions. The process, however, requires initiation by the person who was harmed by the crime. Offender initiated projects are difficult since contacting individuals harmed by an incarcerated individual may cause or re-create harm. The CCC has invited HNMCP to work with them to develop a system that can address the needs of both parties—one that would allow incarcerated individuals to connect with victims to assist in their own healing and growth without retriggering harm in the process.

Activities & Deliverables

  • Stakeholder interviews among incarcerated populations on the need for such a program and what design might best meet their needs
  • Stakeholder interviews among victims to assess the need for facilitated connection/apology
  • Case study of other states’ programs and a development of best practices recommendations for the state of Maryland
  • Recommendations for a system design and an implementation plan, including authorization and resources.
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