ATX Hackerspace

Semester: 2020 Fall

Students: Zachary Manley, Priyanka Bagrodia, and Andrew Case

ATXHackerspace is a member-run, volunteer-run makerspace in Austin, Texas. Incorporated as an LLC in 2010, ATXHS was begun by three guys who loved computers and making useful things out of wood and metal. The organization’s mission is to offer education and space for creation. ATXHS acts as a gathering place for makers to share their knowledge, create useful and beautiful things, and teach one another new skills.

As membership rose, the founders developed an Operating Agreement, and a complex membership structure which involves founder, sustainer, and voting shares. However, structures and guidelines for how to use the space and how to be in relationship with fellow makers are relatively new, having been developed in 2019. Becoming stronger at communication and conflict resolution, ATXHS believes, will help it to begin to welcome a more diverse community of makers. ATX has engaged HNMCP to help them think through how to build a conflict resolution system.

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