Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

ABB - David & Claire & Zach

Semester: 2011 Fall

Students: David Weller, Claire Hankin, Zach Mason

ABB is a global provider of power and automation technologies that enables utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact.  ABB operates in approximately 100 countries and employs approximately 124,000 people worldwide.

Engineering companies like ABB often deliver technically complex products, systems and services to its customers.  Claims, which are common for such complicated transactions, may reach deadlock during the project execution phase and be finally resolved only at the end of the project and in a manner that may be considered unsatisfactory to both parties.

ABB would like to improve the approach to claims resolution at a global level, with a view to reducing friction and increasing future business, without taking on significantly more risk in practice.

Our Work

  • Discussion with relevant stakeholders to evaluate ABB’s existing claims resolution.
  • An analysis of how a typical contract claim is traditionally handled.
  • An assessment of what alternatives means for resolving claims are used or acceptable.

Final Product

Recommendation for an optimal approach to claims resolution, maximizing claims outcomes by avoiding or breaking deadlock in industrial contract claim situations, without resort to expensive and protracted arbitration or court proceedings and avoiding damage to the long term customer relationship.

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