What Obama Should Say About Syria

Prof. Bob Bordone and Clinical Instructor Alonzo Emery imagine a speech for Pres. Obama to give in tonight’s address to the nation that could lead the way out of conflict while saving face. 
Check out WBUR’s Cognoscenti page for the full article.
President Barack Obama is expected to address the American people from the White House on Tuesday evening. The president has a special opportunity to communicate to the American public, and to the world, a broader understanding of the values that inform American leadership. 

Although we do not expect to hear the following words on Tuesday evening, we believe they represent a path out of conflict while still embodying courage, integrity and true leadership:


Good evening my fellow Americans. I speak with you on the eve of our national commemoration of the lives lost on September 11, 2001 with great reverence for those departed souls. I also speak with necessary candor as our nation and the world reckons with a new source of terror.

On August 21st, more than 1,400 innocent Syrians lost their lives due to a chemical weapons attack — 426 of them were children.

As you well know, nearly a year ago, I declared a red line would be crossed should the Assad regime use chemical weapons in its civil war. After concluding that the Assad regime was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Syria, I affirmed my intention to pursue military strikes.

Following exhaustive counsel and deliberation, I have now come to a different conclusion.  I have decided that a military course of action at this time does not serve the best interests of the United States, the Syrian people, or the world.


Check out WBUR’s Cognoscenti page for the full article.
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