Syllabus for “Political Dialogue in Polarizing Times: Election 2016” Now Publicly Posted

education-booksThe Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) has made its new syllabus on political dialogue publicly available on the Berkman Center’s class tools website, H20.

Inspired by the success of our reading group on Political Dialogue in Polarizing Times: Election 2016, HNMCP Director and Clinical Professor Bob Bordone ‘97 and Assistant Director and Lecturer Rachel Viscomi ’01 hope that this list of readings can reach a wider audience. The H20 site shows users how the class was organized and provides links to many of the readings. HNMCP welcomes feedback and suggestions from educators, students, and community members who share a desire to engage in political dialogue with each other.

In this challenging moment for civil discourse in our nation, creating room for genuine political dialogue becomes an urgent task, ripe with possibility and transformation. This fall’s reading group provided participants with an opportunity to explore the possibilities, benefits, and limits of sustained, civil dialogue on the most contentious political issues of the day. The course also took a close look at the state of political dialogue in the United States through its 240 year history.

Beyond this syllabus HNCMP continues to develop its initiative on political dialogue more broadly: this fall, Bob and Rachel spoke on Facebook Live about civil and meaningful dialogue during this year’s election cycle; HNMCP produced a new teaching tool on facilitating dialogue (“Police-Community Dialogue”); and with the help of new Clinical Fellow Adriel Borshansky, the Clinic began building off of last year’s RealTalk and HLS Now programs for an increase in political dialogue opportunities.

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