Reviews of “Designing Systems”

In the October issue of the Negotiation Journal, Cathy Costantino, counsel at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, DC, and adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center, raved about the newest book co-authored by HNMCP Director Bob Bordone’s, Designing Systems and Processes for Managing Disputes, as a “one-stop shop” dispute systems design textbook.

Designing Systems is truly an important and groundbreaking contribution to the DSD field: as textbook, as bibliography, and as road map. It is a thoroughbred destined to become a classic that will be taught from, referenced, and discussed for many years to come. Whether you are a professor or a student looking for a text, or a researcher or a practitioner searching for a reference, or anybody who needs a road map of the DSD future, pony up and hit the trifecta by purchasing Designing Systems and Processes for Handling Disputes.”

Full Negotiation Journal October 2013 review by Cathy Costantino of Designing Systems.

In the most recent issue of Dispute Resolution Magazine, Tricia Jones of Temple University also reviewed Designing Systems.

“This new book breaks new ground and can be appreciated for its individual contributions, but it can also be rightly regarded as a third generation of thinking in dispute system design,” Jones enthuses. “In a long-needed and absolutely critical move, the authors address the difficult underlying tensions or dilemmas that designers face – justice and reconciliation versus effectiveness and efficiency. Indeed, the inclusion of these tough questions testifies, more than any other feature of the book, that as a field, dispute design has matured. It is not enough to know that design can be done; it is important to justify why it is being done and with what results.”

Full review of Designing Systems in Dispute Resolution Magazine.
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