Michael Dukakis Visits Negotiation Workshop

L to R: Michael Dukakis, Robert Bordone, Teresa Napoli

According to former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis ’60, tackling most public policy challenges begins with the same steps.

“Make a list, create a working group,” Dukakis said. “Bring these folks together. See if you can at least begin by getting agreement on what the problem is. If you do that, you’re halfway to a solution.”

Dukakis, who was the Democratic nominee for president in 1988 and is now a professor of political science at Northeastern University, visited a session of Harvard Law School’s Negotiation Workshop in late April to lead discussion of a case study and answer student questions. Along the way, he shared anecdotes from his time as the longest-serving governor of Massachusetts and ideas about negotiation gleaned from a long career in public life.

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