Friday, June 8, 2012

It’s Almost Never a Nail: Expanding the Lawyer’s Toolbox

Faculty & Staff - Robert Bordone Preferred Headshot

Prof. Bob Bordone

This April, HNMCP Director Bob Bordone ’97, co-led a panel at his 15th Reunion with Lecturer on Law and Clinical Instructor Jeremy McClane ’02 (10th Reunion) titled “It’s Almost Never a Nail: Expanding the Lawyer’s Toolbox.”

Also participating were recent clinic students Ryan Blodgett ’12, Elizabeth Grosso ’13, Leah Kang ’12, Jeffrey Monhait ’12, Teresa Napoli ’13, Apoorva Patel ’13.

Jeremy McClane

Jeremy McClane

The seminar focused on the particular role of lawyer as problem solver. After a brief history of the evolution of alternative dispute resolution pedagogy, Bordone and McClane discussed the purpose behind HNMCP — as a place to expand negotiation skills learned in the classroom into the realm of diagnosis and dispute resolution systems design.

The students discussed their projects with the Chilean Ministry of Justice and with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

You can watch this panel on the Reunions website.