Tuesday, June 15, 2021

HNMCP Launches New Scholarship Page

The HNMCP website now includes a new Scholarship page, which serves as a gateway to some of the critical thinking our faculty, staff, and students have been contributing to the field of conflict engagement and dispute resolution over the past fifteen years.

The Scholarship page compiles a freely-accessible selection of articles published by our instructors and students; and a link to the original case studies members of our team have authored, which are available for purchase via Harvard Law School Case Studies. Past and present HNMCP scholars have published articles on topics ranging from the history and origins of the field of dispute resolution, to how dispute resolution programs responded to the foreclosure crisis, to, most recently, the impacts of the pandemic on international peace processes, and much more.

The page also includes our first-ever public-facing reports from clinic students. Typically, our clinical work product remains confidential to the client organizations that initiate the projects. In the fall of 2020, however, HNMCP engaged two projects on behalf of the public interest, the final reports of which were released in early 2021. We couldn’t be prouder to include these two student projects in our scholarship.

The first was a project brought to us by two second-time clinic students—Brooke Daniels ’21 and Daniel Oyolu ʼ21. In the wake of the mass protests that erupted across the United States in response to the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and too many other Black Americans, Brooke and Daniel were seeking to understand how organizers can build enough power to get into the negotiating room, and once there, how they might wield that power effectively and overcome power asymmetries at the table with political leadership. Their resulting report and toolkit, entitled Power, Protest, and Political Change and supervised by Clinical Instructor Lisa Dicker ‘17, is based on interviews with organizers across the U.S., non-violent resistance experts at the U.S. Institute of Peace and Freedom House, ambassadors of opposition governments living in exile, high-ranking officials in transitional governments, and activists across six countries, including Yemen, Belarus, Tunisia, Syria, Sudan, and Venezuela. It also incorporates scholarship on negotiation, power, and community organizing, as well as modern case studies.

Also in the fall of 2020, we supervised a project with students Billy Roberts ’22 and Anna Vande Velde ’21 exploring how Boston might re-envision its safety response system. In June 2020, several Boston City Councilors had proposed an ordinance that would “divert non-violent calls for service away from the Boston Police Department,” dispatching those calls instead to community safety officials in non-law enforcement agencies. In response to this proposal, HNMCP volunteered to assist the city in thinking about how it might change its approach to public safety. Anna and Billy studied how such a crisis-response plan might be structured and situated within Boston’s complex public safety system, conducting interviews with subject-matter experts and local stakeholders, and secondary research on law enforcement, domestic and international public health and emergency systems, dispute systems design theory, social work and mental health theory, and restorative justice. Their final report, Rethinking Boston’s Public Safety System, places special emphasis on whether and how dispute resolution processes and practices might play a role in a more holistic system.

We invite you over to our new Scholarship page to explore all these resources for yourself, and we hope you find there engaging research that helps you reflect in new ways about structures and systems of managing conflict. As always, if your organization would benefit from conflict management or design work, please contact us to see if our Dispute Systems Design Clinic might craft a project to support this engagement. Our work is always pro bono. You can find out more about becoming a client here.