Monday, July 21, 2014

HNMCP Director talks negotiation on The Coaching Show

Faculty & Staff - Robert Bordone Preferred Headshot


Bob Bordone speaks with “The Coaching Show” Host Chris MacAuliffe and Mike Sherrick of The Mike Sherrick Group on negotiation topics including:



  • moving from positional behavior to an attitude of curiosity and perspective taking about what motivates “the other”
  • moving from a zero sum opportunity to a joint gain opportunity
  • basic skills to move out of identity-based competition into effective conversation
  • the difference between expressing emotion and “being emotional”
  • the idea that you don’t need to show you’re strong to be strong
  • eliminating the assumption that the best skills for a negotiator is persuasion and assertion and replacing it with the idea that the best skill for a negotiator is listening
  • and more . . .

Listen to the whole interview on WSRadio (segments 3 and 4).