Heather Kulp Promoted to Clinical Instructor

S14 Newsletter - Heather KulpEffective July 6, 2014, Heather Kulp steps into the role of Clinical Instructor at the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program. As a Clinical Instructor, Heather’s main work will focus on supervising clinical students and recruiting new clinical projects.

For the past two years, Heather has served at the Clinic’s first Clinical Fellow, advising student organizations related to dispute resolution, including Negotiators and the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. She has conducted research and revised case studies, lectures, and readings to support the pedagogy of the Clinic and related courses, as well as developed approaches to teach new skills, including facilitation. She has also helped cultivate new clients for clinical projects.

“During my two years as HNMCP’s Clinical Fellow, I benefited greatly from seeing students and instructors engage in deep learning together,” says Heather. “Practicing conflict management skills helps HLS students reshape conflict in their professional and personal lives. Now, as an Instructor, I am honored to play a more significant role in such transformations. I’m also thrilled to continue working with the committed team at HNMCP.”

Prior to joining HNMCP, Heather was a Skadden Fellow with Resolution Systems Institute/The Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago. There, she partnered with courts and government agencies to develop small claims, foreclosure, and other mediation programs for low-income litigants. She has consulted with multiple states, the Uniform Law Commission, and the Department of Justice about best practices in foreclosure mediation. Her work has been published by the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section, the Illinois State Bar Association, Wipf & Stock, the Minneapolis Star-TribuneACResolution Magazine, Probate and Property, and the Arkansas Law Review.

“Heather has been a tremendous asset to our work at HNMCP,” notes HNMCP Director Prof. Robert Bordone. “I am delighted that she has earned a promotion to Clinical Instructor. I look forward to the contributions she will make in the years ahead.

Heather is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Law and Saint Olaf College. Prior to attending law school, she founded and directed a not-for-profit alternative magazine for young women, Alive Magazine.

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