Friday, May 30, 2014

Announcing the Lawrence Susskind Fellowship in Consensus Building

Larry and student

To honor the lifelong work and commitment of Dr. Lawrence Susskind to advance the art and science of consensus building in the public sector, and in recognition of his passion for mentoring the coming generations of dispute resolvers, CBI has created the Lawrence Susskind Fellowship in Consensus Building.

Through this competitive program, CBI offers a one-year supported fellowship to an outstanding graduate student pursuing a Masters, Law, or Doctoral degree with a focus on public issues, preferably related to the built or natural environment, or the general substantive areas where CBI works.  The Fellow will spend one year working with CBI, part-time, in either the Boston or Washington, D.C. area while continuing full time studies.  The Fellow will participate in CBI project work, and will conduct a supervised “action research” project that contributes both to CBI’s ongoing work and to the Fellow’s academic studies.

Susskind Fellows should embody the spirit and commitment of Larry Susskind and his work. The attributes and traits of Lawrence Susskind Fellows will include:

  • A commitment to consensus building and dispute resolution work in the public sector;
  • A passion for working collaboratively and helping others build agreement through collaboration;
  • An understanding of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution theory;
  • Interest in the intersection of theory, practice, and capacity building;
  • Intellectual and practical creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

The fellow will be expected to work at least two days per week (16 hours) at the Boston or DC CBI offices.  A stipend of $7,500 per semester will be available.

The Fellowship will begin September 2014 and continue through the academic year to May 2014.  To apply for this Fellowship, please send a cover letter and resume outlining how you meet the criteria above, and the university and degree you will be enrolled in no later than July 15, 2014 to Sossi Arryon at [email protected]    The application should describe your interest in the work of the Consensus Building Institute, how you meet the criteria above and any substantive areas of interest for research purposes.