Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Vision for Cross-Sector Peacebuilding in Israel and Palestine

by Daniel Lubetzky
Founder and President, PeaceWorks Foundation & the OneVoice Movement

For over a decade, the OneVoice Movement has been empowering and mobilizing communities in Israel and Palestine to propel their leaders toward the two-state solution. We have succeeded in building a grassroots network committed to that goal, and on March 30, we will be launching one of our most innovative campaigns to date, designed to reconnect young Israelis to the peace process by highlighting the concrete improvements that an agreement will bring in the economic issues that matter most to them—the cost of living, affordable housing, and education. . . .

To inform implementation of our vision, we partnered with the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program to conduct a stakeholder assessment across civic, economic, political, and religious institutions in Israel, Palestine, and internationally that are working to end the conflict. This groundbreaking study revealed five key opportunities for cross-sector peacebuilding.

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