Saturday, February 13, 2016

Real Talk – An Introduction

Real-Talk---Web---transparencyThe Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) and the Systemic Justice Project (SJP) proudly launch a four-part blog series, with each of the works stemming from the program’ joint initiative called Real Talk.

The Real Talk pilot program, an initiative for dialogue, diversity, equity, and inclusion, placed twenty student participants in four small groups that engaged in sustained dialogue on challenging issues, emotions, and narratives that relate to the law, legal systems, and legal education.  Four trained student facilitators—Ariel Eckblad ’16, Deanna Parrish ’16, Carson Wheet ’16, and Lindsey Whyte ’16—facilitated these small group dialogues during the course of the Fall 2016 semester.

This blog series focuses on the facilitators’ reflections on the program, with each facilitator contributing one blog entry about their experience.  HNMCP and SJP will co-publish these entries during the next month, with one post released each Wednesday.  We invite you to follow these works and welcome your feedback and reflection.