Police-Community Dialogue


Facilitation is a critically important lawyering and human skill. In a world where genuine dialogue across deep political divides seems ever more rare, trained facilitators can help create spaces for citizens to engage in challenging conversations that promote mutual learning and build empathy. To answer the need for resources in this area that both educate and inspire, the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program has created this video of an unrehearsed dialogue on police/community relations facilitated by two professional facilitators.

The “Police-Community Dialogue” video resource serves as an example of a real-life dialogue and provides a window into the challenging decisions that facilitators in any contexts must make. The resource includes a teaching note, which provides in-depth discussion questions that educators might use to explore various themes in facilitation, as well as an online forum where users can exchange ideas.

There are two parts to the video:

  • The police-community dialogue itself
  • A retrospective interview between the facilitators of the dialogue and Professor Robert C. Bordone, who provides commentary and insights into essential questions for facilitators of all kinds

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Sample Chapter on “Shared Norms”:

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