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Basic Survey Theory & Design


Arevik Avedian

Arevik Avedian, current Empirical Research Fellow at Harvard Law School, generously created this PowerPoint document on constructing surveys for our project teams’ use.



Constantine Boussalis

Constantine Boussalis, former Empirical Research Fellow at Harvard Law School, gave the HNMCP faculty a training in constructing surveys and graciously allowed us to post his Basic Survey Theory and Design Powerpoint presentation  for our project teams’ use.


Bridge Initiative @ Moritz College of Law

Dispute resolution bibliography on resolving identity-based conflict

Blog for Building Dialogue

Developing and Sustaining Conflict Management Systems as Instruments of Governance Manual

Divided Community Project

The Divided Community Project strengthens community efforts to transform division into action. The project focuses on how communities can respond constructively to civil unrest as well as on how they can identify and meaningfully address the reasons underlying community division.

Ethics Unwrapped

Videos on common psychological biases related to decisionmaking and ethics

Field Work

Students charged with  conducting field research as part of their clinical work may benefit from reading the presentation by Delta State University’s Professor John Green, made to HNMCP students in 2009. This is a valuable tool for students interested in gaining a better understanding of social research methodology.


Harvard Law School Library Alternative Dispute Resolution Research Page

Resources and links to research guides at other law schools, organized by dispute types, methodologies, ethics, global, organizations and more and includes books, articles, practice guides, online resources, and so much more.

Harvard Library Resources for Clinics and SPO’s

This guide provides information relevant to those participating in HLS clinics and SPOs regarding services and support offered by the HLS Library and includes a “Library Services for HLS Clinical and SPOs” page.

Harvard Negotiation Law Review Annual Symposium

The Harvard Negotiation Law Review (HNLR) Annual Symposium provides a forum in which scholars from many disciplines can discuss negotiation as it relates to law and legal institutions and negotiation. It is aimed specifically at lawyers and legal scholars.

2017 Symposium: Reflections on the Intersection of Alternative Dispute Resolution and Activism

2016: Negotiating for Health: The Role of Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in Healthcare

2015: Restorative Justice: Theory Meets Application

2014: Political Dialogue and Civility in an Age of Polarization

2013: Ideas and Impact: Roger Fisher’s Legacy

2012: Does ADR Work? Evaluating the Effectiveness of Alternative Dispute Resolution

2011: The Criminalization of Conflict Resolution: The Impact of Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project on ADR and Human Rights Work

2010: The Negotiation Within

2008: Dispute Systems Design: Organizational Systems for Dealing with Conflict & Learning from Conflict


International Experience on Dispute Systems Design

Diego Faleck LLM‘06, Chief of Staff of the Secretariat of Economic Law of the Ministry of Justice in Brazil, presented a lecture to HNMCP students titled “International Experience on Dispute Systems Design (DSD): TAM and Air France Cases”. Students charged with DSD as part of their clinical work may benefit from viewing Diego Faleck Presentation.


Online Dispute Resolution: Theory and Practice: A Treatise on Technology and Dispute Resolution